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About Ayohcee

About - the roots

The Roots

Ayohcee started life on Thursday 17th February 2005 as a blog about life in Cambridge, during the final year of my BA in English Literature and Geography. Originally the blog was called Life According to Ó Ceallaigh, before changing to LATÓC: London According to Ó Ceallaigh in mid-2008.


Following a trip to Uganda in 2009, and an ever-increasing focus on stories relating to Africa, the ‘London’ was dropped and the name shortened to AÓC: According to Ó Ceallaigh. In a final move, the name was changed to a near-phonetic version of the letters a, ó and c and so we arrive at Ayohcee.

In June 2011, Ayohcee was shortlisted in Plan UK's #Blog4Girls blogging competition in recognition of a post about breaking barriers to girls' education in the developing world, finishing as a runner-up.


About - Today

As I have grown up (or older, depending on who you ask), Ayohcee has shifted to focus the blog much more about travel, photography and what is adorning my bookshelf.


In my twenties, perhaps I often tried too hard to project a perfect rendition of what I found on my travels to East Africa and didn't spare enough thought for finer details.


In recent years, eye-opening travel to Morocco, Turkey and my homeland of Ireland has provided a fresh source of inspiration, not just for my photography, but especially for my writing.


Now, in my thirties, I am a bit braver both in terms of where I go exploring and photographing, but also in taking time to learn lessons from the experiences I have along the way and sharing it with whoever will listen.

Photo taken by Carlos Baron.

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