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Loch Ness, Scotland

Not long after midday. Loch Ness at Foyers, near Inverness, Scotland

Following a trip to Ireland last February, I decided that maybe it was time that I headed north to Scotland. The maternal side of my family hails from Maryhill in Glasgow and it seemed ridiculous that after 34 years on the planet I had never visited the city.

After a couple of days exploring Glasgow, including watching an excellent Jeff Buckley tribute act at Òran Mór, visiting the Riverside Museum and attempting to step foot into the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, I headed further north to Inverness.

Tony, an old friend from my teacher training days, had been kind enough to do the driving and had been patient enough with my navigation when taking the road less travelled from Dores, via Loch Ceo Glais and Inverfarigaig, to Foyers.

Just after midday we arrived in the mizzling rain on the estuary of the Foyers River on Loch Ness, after failing to find anywhere open to buy lunch.

The opposite bank of the Loch was partially shrouded by the constant movement of light rain and mist and the trees in the foreground were silhouetted against the faint hope of daylight in the distance.

In the mist, my Tamron 16-300mm lens, lacking any form of lens hood following an accident in Morocco, did quite well - although I did have to wipe the lens every thirty seconds.

Although not technically the greatest photograph I've ever taken, I particularly enjoyed how moody the Loch looked, even in the middle of the day.

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